Bag Limit (Bill Gastner #9) (Posadas County Mysteries)

Bag Limit: A Posadas County Mystery #9
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The marauders ha Twice Buried. Posadas County Undersheriff Bill Gastner knows that ancient Anna Hocking didnt fall down the fruit cellar stairs by accident. He is also cert One Perfect Shot. When a county employee is found shot to death in sun-drenched daylight while sitting in his county road grader, Undersheriff Bill Gastner is Candace enters the Badlands on a scientific expedition.

Young, beautiful and in love with knowledge, she is there to study early man and preh Bitter Recoil. Still recovering from his q Gastner, pushing sixty, and the considerable girth of his uniform belt Before She Dies. The offic Privileged To Kill. Rolling stone Wesley Crocker seems a harmless enough free spirit when Posadas County Undersheriff Bill Gastner offers him a lift on the road, Prolonged Exposure.

Savvy storytelling infused with a spicy Southwestern setting. Out Of Season. Much less at night, with bad weather. So why he took a p Dead Weight. At a well-seasoned sixty-nine, Sheriff Bill Gastner knows his Posadas, New Mexico, territory as well as he understands the foibles of the hum Bag Limit. Bill Gastner, the reluctant sheriff of Posadas County, New Mexico, anticipates his last few days in office will be uneventful. That is, until Northwest Passage. The epic struggle for survival in America's untamed West.

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